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Why We're So Excited about the New XML Flash Slideshow v4...

In version 4, we've introduced countless powerful new features and advanced customization tools.  But more importantly, we've made it all drag-n-drop easy.  With a revamped interface that's intuitive and streamlined, you'll create slideshows and media presentations that are more moving in way less time.

Update 2/9: And now, iPhone / iPad / Android support is included for all v4 users.  Enable robust touch-optimized content for your slideshows in just a couple of clicks.

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30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.  Versions 3 and 4 can be used together.
Bought after July 9, 2010?  Contact support for special discount.

[Program Screenshot - New Drag-n-Drop Image Manager]

What's New in Version 4...

Here's a tiny taste of the improvements in v4:

  • Built-in preview window
  • Radically improved drag-n-drop layout builder [see demo video] and image manager
  • Over 45 starter templates
  • Built-in support for displaying highly customized touch-optimized non-Flash content for visitors using iOS and Android
  • Great visual effects, like pan/zoom (Ken Burns effect), reflections, drop shadows, borders & more
  • Video support - can be used as a video player
  • True full-screen support
  • Better Flickr support, including individual photosets and direct API integration
  • Smart preloading - slideshows appear faster and run more smoothly
  • New image displays, including special 3D displays (Pro version only)
  • Over 20 professional image transitions, including many new ones
  • Easy custom button tool - add custom buttons in a couple of clicks
  • Comprehensive usage documentation covering every aspect of the product

And for more advanced users:

  • Greatly improved templating support
  • New Javascript API lets you control the slideshow from its HTML page
  • Built-in permalink support
  • Simplified integration with existing Flash and Flex projects (Pro version required)
  • Color correction support
  • Runtime color manipulation support (e.g. simulated black and white)
  • New Standalone version available in addition to Dreamweaver Extension like v3 (lets you use the product without Dreamweaver)

That's not all.  For demos of the above features and details on some of the many other ones, see the main product page.  But really, you have to use v4 to understand just what an improvement it is.  Once you upgrade, you won't want to go back - we'll prove it with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What Users are Saying about v4...

"The new interface is so much easier to use and understand.
           . . . The samples definitely made me upgrade."

- Margaret

"Congratulations and good job on v4!
           Amazing stuff there - and I'm blown away with the sample features."

- Dave

"There is nothing coming close to this extension on the market. As I am always looking at extensions to assist me, I have a pretty good idea of what's available and the price. . . . Add on the after-sales service - that's first class, too. . . . It's, without a doubt, the best slideshow extension on the planet."

- Chris

"By the way, XFS v4 is AWESOME! I was an XML Flash Slideshow v3 user, and I've had no problems migrating from v3 to v4 for my existing v3 slideshows. I know a lot of time passed between releases, and now I understand why. You've made some extensive changes, and added an incredible amount of documentation."

- Bob

Fundamentally, the XML Flash Slideshow v4 is about empowering you to create amazing slideshows and media presentations, and making the process faster, easier, and more fun.  You'll be able to make more clients happier in less time. 

Learn More and See the Possibilities »    Upgrade Now »    (Basic $29; Pro $49)

[Program Screenshot - New Revamped Drag-n-Drop Layout Builder]

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