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EasyRotator KnowledgeBase – Duplicating a Rotator/Slider

Perhaps you've customized a rotator and would like to display the same (or a similar) rotator on a different page.  This article covers how to duplicate a rotator.

When Using EasyRotator for WordPress

Creating an Identical Duplicate

If you want to display the exact same rotator on multiple posts/pages, use the standard Insert EasyRotator button and select the existing rotator in the "Select a Rotator" dialog.  You will be able to identify it by its name.  You can also copy and paste the EasyRotator shortcode (e.g. [easyrotator]erc_xx_12345678[/easyrotator] ) into multiple posts/pages.  Any edits made to this rotator will automatically be reflected across all pages.

Using the Same Configuration, but Different Content

If you'd like to create another rotator that has the same configuration and layout template but different photos, videos or audio, you'll need to create a new rotator.  If you have made any layout customizations, follow the instructions here to access the first rotator's layout source code; copy that code to your clipboard.  Then, when editing the new rotator, use the Edit Layout Source Code button and paste in the code from the clipboard, replacing the existing code.  If you have made any customizations in the Settings section of the wizard, you'll need to manually update those settings for the new rotator.

When Using EasyRotator for Dreamweaver / Standalone

Similar Rotators or Identical Rotators in a Few Pages

To duplicate a rotator, first identify the EasyRotator code block in your existing page.  It is identified by:

<!-- Begin DWUser_EasyRotator --> 
<!-- End DWUser_EasyRotator -->

Copy this code block.  If you are in Dreamweaver Design View, you can simply select the gray EasyRotator placeholder and copy that.  Once you've copied the rotator code, switch to your new page and simply paste this code wherever you want the rotator to appear. 

If you want to customize this new rotator (such as changing its photos/video/audio), select it and use the EasyRotator editor to make changes. 

Suppose you want the new rotator to be identical to the old rotator.  If the new page is in the same folder as the original page, no changes are necessary.  However, if your new page is in a different folder, the image links may be broken in the new rotator.  In this case, you'll need to launch the editor and update the image paths to be correct.

Identical Rotators in Many Pages

If you want the same identical rotator to appear in multiple pages or a template (for example, an image rotator that appears in the header of all your site's pages), you will want to take a slightly different approach.  Instead of copying a separate chunk of code into each page, you should place your rotator in a separate holder page and display it in your other pages via an iframe.  You can read more about this approach in our Using Iframes with EasyRotator article.  The benefit of this approach is that you can update just one rotator and the changes will be reflected across all pages instantly.

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