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9 Inspirations from August, 2013

by Nathan Rohler

As we wrap up summer in the Northern Hemisphere this weekend, let's take a moment to look at some of the best examples of good design and development from the last month, plus some good articles and resources thrown in. I hope this collection jumpstarts your creativity and productivity as you head into the fall!

1. Inspiration: Earthborn Paints

Earthborn Paints

Who knew paint could be exciting? This green paint maker (sorry, no pun intended) casts vision in a noticeably beautiful way.

Tip: You too can easily add full-screen background images to your pages with EasyBigBackground. If you want a big slider, use EasyRotator and enable responsive dimensions.

2. Inspiration: Jun Duffy

Jun Duffy

This Kiwi apparel maker rocks the simplistic look. The floating navigation effect is also perfect for the situation.

3. Article: Good Designers, Good Clients

Laura Kalbag shares some keys for avoiding exhausting and perturbing client situations. Good news: It can be done. Bad news: It takes work. Bottom line: It's worth it!

I love working in client services. When I say this to people, their reaction is either shock, or sympathy from those who think I'm completely deluded.

Read article »

4. Inspiration: "8 Faces" Magazine

8 Faces

This magazine is focused on typography; unsurprisingly, it drips with succulent typefaces. Wonderfully responsive as well.

5. WordPress: Get an Email Alert When a 404 "Page Not Found" Error Occurs

This quick code snippet will configure your WordPress site to send you an email whenever a visitor to your site tries to visit a non-existent page.

Caution: If you have a high-traffic site, this could generate a lot of email – especially if bots are exploring your site!

6. Inspiration: La Tabla de Gisela

La Tabla de Gisela

"Scrolling is supposed to be vertical? We didn't get that memo." Non-conformism in small doses can be whimsically delightful; this small site uses it to engage visitors while still preserving usability.

7. Tool: DPI Love

DPI Love

What's the pixel density on your mom's iPhone 4S? When such burning questions arise you can start digging in device specs... or use this handy reference tool by Lea Verou. Also included are some useful tips on what exactly DPI is and why it matters.

8. Inspiration: Publibrand


Thanks to overexposure, flat design is perhaps rapidly approaching the razor edge between chic and passé; yet this Brazilian digital communication firm pulls it off noteworthily well.

9. Productivity: The "Night Before" List

Use this five-part preparation template to help get your day off to a great start – on the night before.


The format of this article is something new in our Education Center. Do you like this type of hand-curated collection? Not so much? Please share your thoughts below so we can continue to help you improve your skills and grow your business, and do it in the way that best fits you.

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