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Advanced Properties - Playback Settings

The Playback Settings tab of the Gallery Properties dialog appears as follows:

These settings allow you to override the global playback settings (as specified in the main 'Global Configuration & Playback Settings' tab) on a per-gallery basis.    For more detailed information about these settings, see the Using the 'Global Configuration and Playback Settings' Section area of the manual.

Each of the settings controls the following:

Property Description
Randomize this Gallery If selected, the gallery is randomized each time it is opened.    In other words, the order of all slides/images in the gallery is shuffled.  This ensures true runtime randomization of the gallery every time it is viewed.
Autoplay Delay When autoplay is enabled, this value specifies the delay between each image/slide.  These values are specially constructed strings; clicking the Edit button allows you to visually edit the value.    To learn more, see Using the Autoplay Delay Editor.
Autoplay Loop Enables/disables looping within the gallery.  If enabled, autoplay will jump back to the first image in the gallery when the final image is reached.  If disabled, autoplay will jump to the first image in the next gallery when the final image is reached.
Image Transition Effect

This parameter only applies if you're using the ImagesStandard image display element (most slideshows do).    In these cases, you can specify the image transition effect for this gallery, overriding the global setting.    To view a description of each effect, you can hover over the effect name.    Or, to view a summary of all effects, see the Setting the Image Transition topic in the Using the 'Global Configuration and Playback Settings' Section topic.    If you don't wish to have the description tooltips, you can temporarily disable the tooltips by selecting File > Enable/Disable All Tooltips on the program menu.

Selecting multiple items (by holding down the CTRL or CMD key) will make the slideshow randomly cycle through those selected transitions.    To cycle through all of the transitions randomly, select only the Random option.


XML Equivalents (for Advanced Users and Developers)

The settings above map to the following XML attributes on each <gallery ... > ... </gallery> node:

Property Equivalent Gallery Attribute Notes
Randomize this Gallery @randomize Values of true or false are supported.
Autoplay Delay @autoplayDelay To learn more about the autoplayDelay format, see the com.dwuser.ss4.managers.AutoplayManager class in the API Reference.
Autoplay Loop @autoplayLoop Values of true or false are supported.
Image Transition Effect @effectType If using more than one effect, each of their names must be separated with a comma (no spaces).    For more information about supported transitions, see Setting the Image Transition.    For example: ...effectType="FadeStandard,Cube" ...

Note that the '@' is part of customary syntactical representation, and is not part of each attribute name.

For more detailed XML information, see the Developer Reference.