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Developer Reference

This section of the manual provides detailed information about the HTML and XML structure behind the GUI.  It's the "man behind the curtain" of the XFS v4.  

Important Notes

Before beginning, a disclaimer -- this section is not for beginners or novices.    If you're not familiar with code editing or aren't sure what XML means, you need to stick with the other sections of the manual.

The developer reference is essentially a description of the XML framework used to hold all of the actual data.    For many aspects, the complete in-depth reference can be found in the API Reference.    Links will be provided where appropriate.  Throughout the rest of the documentation, most settings reference the corresponding XML settings.    So, if you're a developer, don't assume that you can skip over the other sections; they are complementary to the contents here.

When editing directly, it is still necessary to use the Dreamweaver wizard to initially insert the slideshow.    You don't have to add any data; just run the wizard, Save, Close, and Insert.  This will generate the file structure which is needed for the slideshow to appear properly and copy all supporting files into place.

General Tips

When editing XML, you can accidentally make typos which create syntax errors and make the XML document unable to be parsed.    If you make such a mistake, you will be notified that parsing failed when you attempt to view the slideshow.    The error sometimes isn't very precise; to determine the precise location of an error, open the XML document in Firefox.    Firefox offers excellent XML display as well as detailed error location notification.