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The <styles> section - Styles and Configuration

This section contains all of the global style selectors.    The term "style" is used rather loosely; these specify global settings (which have no direct visual representation) as well as default styles for various visual components.    To learn more about the different types of global style selectors, see the Element Styling topic.

The section has a very simple format.    Each separate group of settings has a "selector" name.    For elements with a visual representation, this is the element name (e.g. Button).    For general configuration settings, such as the image loading settings, the corresponding class name is used as the selector.   In both cases, the selector is used to name a node which goes in the <styles> section.    For example, the com.dwuser.ss4.managers.ImageManager class holds the image loading settings, and is represented in the styles section by an <ImageManager ... /> node.    Each property for each selector is added as an attribute on the corresponding selector's node.

It is best to illustrate with an example.    Here is an example of a very simple <styles> section:

    <Application themeColor="#3399FF"/>
    <IndividualSlideImage borderColor="#990000" borderThickness="1" backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" useSpinner="false"/>
    <IndividualSlide useReflection="true"/>
    <AudioIntro errorReporting="true" stopOnGalleryOpen="false" autoplay="true"/>

This example first includes a customized Application themeColor property (which is applied to the slideshow as a whole).    Next, some special settings such as a border have been configured for the each slide's image using the IndividualSlideImage selector.    In the third line, the refelection has been enabled for each slide using the useReflection property on the IndividualSlide selector.    Finally, some parameters have been set for the intro-level audio.

For more information about all elements and supported non-visual selectors as well as their supported attributes/properties, see the API Reference.    Again, for more about the different types of global style selectors, see the Element Styling topic.

Common Configuration Selectors

Here are some common style selectors which control the slideshow's configuration and their associated classes (see the API Reference):

Selector Name Class Description
ImageManager com.dwuser.ss4.managers.ImageManager Controls the way the images are loaded and managed, including such options as the loading mode.
IndividualSlideImage com.dwuser.ss4.ui.IndividualSlideImage Represents the image displayed on each slide; can be customized to add such features as dropshadow, matte, and border.
IndividualSlide com.dwuser.ss4.ui.IndividualSlide Represents each slide in the slideshow.    Controls such options as the image scaling mode, the image alignment, and effects such as the reflection.    In conjunction with WatermarkImage, can be used to enable a watermark.
WatermarkImage com.dwuser.ss4.ui.WatermarkImage Represents the watermark displayed on each image if useWatermark has been enabled on the IndividualSlide selector.
Thumb com.dwuser.ss4.ui.Thumb Represents the thumbs displayed on the Thumbnails element; the class reference includes more information about selectors for other thumb states (hover, selected, etc).
NumberBarTile com.dwuser.ss4.ui.NumberBarTile Represents the buttons/tiles displayed on the NumberBar element; the class reference includes more information about selectors for other button states (hover, selected, etc).
Application mx.core.Application Represents the base class used for the slideshow; common settings used on this selector include themeColor (establishes global default theme color) and font settings (fontFamily, fontSize, color, etc).
ToolTipAppearanceManager com.dwuser.ss4.managers.ToolTipAppearanceManager Controls the behavior of all tooltips used throughout the slideshow (e.g. whether they track the mouse, how long they remain visible, etc).
HTMLToolTip com.dwuser.ss4.ui.extras.HTMLToolTip Controls the apperance (colors, fonts, etc) of all tooltips used throughout the slideshow.