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Template Archives

All of the template management features to this point have been related to single templates.  This section covers Template Archive files.  These files, which end in .xst, are special archive files which can hold one or more template files.  These archives can be uploaded, downloaded, shared, or used for backups.    Template archive files are also used to distribute template packs - pre-built packages of multiple templates.

In the template management dialog, there are two archive-related options - Import Template Archive and Export Template Archive:

The Export Template Archive option allows you to export all of the templates in your library as an XST template archive.  You will be prompted to select a location to save the file to, then the archive will be generated and written to disk.  You can use this option to share all of your templates, create a backup, or transfer your templates to another computer.

The Import Template Archive option will prompt you to select an existing XST template archive on your computer.    Once you select one, the templates will be imported and added to your existing library.  This can be used to restore all of your templates from another installation or another computer.