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Wizard Interface Overview / General Settings and Options

This section provides an overview of the wizard interface, especially general settings and options which are not slideshow-specific.  The image below notes the identification names of the various sections in the wizard window:

The areas covered in this section are denoted above as Program Menu and Control Buttons.

Window Management: Resizing and Repositioning

When you launch the wizard for the very first time, it will be automatically centered on your screen.  You can resize the window on a Mac by dragging the resize handle in the bottom-right corner of the window:

On Windows, you can resize the window by dragging any corner:

To resposition the window, drag the title bar (screenshots from Mac and Windows respectively):

When the window is closed, the last position and size are automatically saved.  On the next launch, the window will reopen in the same position and at the same size.  When editing slideshows, the last-viewed tab will be automatically opened when you launch the wizard next, to help you get right back where you were.

The Feedback Button which appears in the bottom right in recent updates launches a dialog where you can send quick feedback straight to the development team.  Note that the Feedback Panel is for situations where you don't need a response; if you need support or would like a response, open a support ticket via your My Account page.

Feedback dialog