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The Color Picker + Color Mixer (Pro Version Only)

Throughout the wizard, there are various color-selection fields (color pickers) which appear like this:

When hovered over, you will see a color palette button as well:

In both the basic version and the pro version, you can click on the visible swatch to open the swatch selection box:

You can either manually enter a hex color code in the box, or click on an existing color swatch to select it:

The Color Mixer Dialog

In the Pro version (learn about upgrading here), clicking on the small color palette button (to the right of color picker) will launch the Color Mixer dialog:

Here, you can use various tools and sliders to select a color.    You can drag the dropper around the large fade square.    The radio buttons on the right allow you to pick or adjust a color based on one of the following aspects:

Property Description
H Allows color adjustments based on the hue
S Allows color adjustments based on the saturation
B Allows color adjustments based on the brightness
R Allows color adjustments based on the Red channel
G Allows color adjustments based on the Green channel
B Allows color adjustments based on the Blue channel


It can sometimes take a little experimentation to determine the proper tool for your specific situation.    You can also directly enter the hex value on the middle left.

When you're done making changes, click the OK button to exit the dialog.    If you don't wish to apply your changes, click Cancel instead.

Using Swatches

Swatches allow you to store commonly used colors for one-click access from the color swatch menu on the color picker.    To add a color to the swatches list, click the Add Swatch button after selecting the color you want to store.    It will appear in the Custom Color Swatches section:

You can remove old swatches by using the Remove Oldest Swatch button.    Once a swatch is in the custom swatch list, it can be accessed by clicking on it in the Color Mixer, or directly from the bottom of the color picker:

Importing Swatches from Kuler

Kuler, by Adobe, is a collaborative service which allows for free sharing of 5-color color schemes.    You can use the Kuler Import feature to directly add these 5-color schemes to your swatch panel.    To begin, click the Kuler Import button at the bottom of the Color Mixer dialog:

In the dialog, enter a search term and click Search:

A list of matching color schemes will be loaded.    To import a scheme, click on it:

The five new colors will appear in your custom swatch list:

Click on any of the newly-added swatches to use that color.