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The <htmlTemplateMetaData> section

This section of the file is generated by the wizard.    It holds XML representations of various HTML initialization parameters, such as: the background color, alpha, etc; the dimensions; and the preloader configuration.  It is used when templating to include these Slideshow HTML initialization parameters in the XML configuration file, so that all templating data is centralized.    All parameters are prepended with p_ to clarify that they are meant to be used on the initialization object.  Here is an example representation of the node.    

<htmlTemplateMetaData note="THESE PARAMETER VALUES ARE FOR TEMPLATING ONLY; YOU MUST UPDATE THEM IN YOUR HTML PAGE FOR THEM TO SHOW UP PROPERLY!" p_backgroundColor="#C5C5C5" p_preloaderTextColor="#000000" p_height="400" p_width="600" p_backgroundAlpha="0.5"/>

Please note: These values are only for templating.  Changing them does NOT affect the actual initialization parameters.

For more information on the Slideshow HTML parameters, see this topic.

Generally, this node is not manipulated directly; the wizard handles it.